Designess to let oneself shine.

Designess to let oneself shine.

「design」とは、「計画を記号に表す」という意味のラテン語「designare」より、ある問題を解決するために思考・概念の組み立てを行 い、それを様々な媒体に応じて表現することと解されます。「-ness」は、形容詞・分詞などに付けて「性質」「状態」「程度」「行為」「事例」などを表す抽象名詞を作ります。


日本には「間」という余白の文化が存在します。「間」とは空間的な意味だけではなく、ちょっとした会話の「間」や、お互いの立場的な「間」でもあったりしま す。そのような国や地域、言葉や宗教、文化、職業や会社、家族に存在する「間」を、デザインのチカラでより良く出来るではないかと思います。

私たちが考える 「間」には「空間」「人間」「時間」があります。心地の良い空間、人、時間。デザインは、表層的だけでなく、本質的にも捉えることによって、空間や広告などの可視化できるものだけでなく、目には見えない人の気持ちや時間の隔たりまでも心地良い「間」にしてあげられるチカラがあると考えております。


Etymology of “design” is a latin word “designare” meaning plans to represent the symbol. The “-ness” means to make an abstract noun representing the such as character and state, degree, act and case.

So, we have a “designess” as coined to mean character and state, degree, act and case of the design.

In Japan, there is a culture of environment means “MA”. “MA” have also conversation and position and not only spatial meaning. By design, we think that it can be made comfortable “MA” of country and region, language and religion, culture, company and family.

We think the “MA” have a spatiality and humanity, time. Comfortable space, people, time. Design is not only superficial, it must also be regarded essentially. Therefore, it is not only to be able to visualize the space and advertising, also has the power to be raised a comfortable “MA” to feelings of people or time invisible to the eye.

In other words, we think that “MA” means “designess”. We design a object of character and state, degree, act and case comprehensively. And so we would like to comfortable by to shine oneself.