Visual Identity


それは、ある問題を解決するために思考・概念の組み立てを行い、それを様々な媒体に応じて表現することである「design」と、性質、状態、程度、行為、事例などを表す「ness」をつなぐアルファベット「N」から成り立っています。「N」は「national」「nature」「neutral」「never」「none」「normal」など、普遍的であり中立的な単語のイニシャルであります。また、ギリシャ文字の Ν ν (ニュー) に由来する「N」は、アルファベットの中間的な位置の14番目でありながらも「need」「new」「next」「north」など、どこかこの文字から始まる気もするのです。


Our logo mark has a concept.

One is “design” which is to express concepts to solve a problem and to represent it according to various media. Another is “ness” which expresses the nature, state, degree, behavior, case etc. The logo mark of “DESIGNESS” is compose of the alphabet “N” to connect “design” and “ness”.
“N” is the neutral words initials such as “national” “nature” “neutral” “never” “none” “normal”. In addition, “N” derived from the Greek letter Νν (New) is the 14th intermediate position of the alphabet. So we think. In other words, “N” has a character to startup words initials such as “need” “new” “next” “north” etc.

We designed to synchronized “N” and to infinite possibilities “X” that our philosophy as if to continue challenging. So we will make a possibility by using identity of motifs like “N” and “X”.